R.I.P. Street Wear von XLarge


XLarge will mit einer kleinen T-Shirt Kollektion auf die Übersättigung des Streetwear Marktes aufmerksam machen. Die „Street Wear is Dead“ Collection besteht aus zwei Tees, von dem das eine an Mitarbeiter verteilt und das andere noch in dieser Woche in allen XLarge Retail Stores zum Verkauf angeboten wird. Ein offizielles Statement von XLarge über die Kollektion bekommt Ihr hier:

„With a sarcastic statement (in combination with 2 awesome graphic Ts) we are proclaiming the death of our own industry…. Street Wear. Since we started XLarge® in 1991, we have been warned by prognosticators of fashion that Street Wear was only a trend and would soon be out of fashion. I can’t even count the number of fashion trends that have come and gone during our 17 years, but it is a lot, and after all that time Street Wear is as popular as ever. So to honor the continued success of Street Wear and especially XLarge®, we are proud to make available to you, The ‚Street Wear is Dead‘ Collection. There are 2 Ts in the collection. One is for retail sales. The other is for staff only. We feel this is a way to reward our world wide Team XLarge® members with something extra special, as well as a cool way to market and promote the retail T-shirt.

Store employees and other staff members will wear the ’staff‘ shirts while working during the week that the ‚retail‘ shirt is put on sale. The shirts will be available starting the first week of June at all Official XLarge® Retail Stores.“  [Quelle: highsnobiety]